The Shark Floor Steam Cleaner

When looking for a brand that will be best to steam clean your floors you want to pick a quality made product that won’t damage your floors while cleaning. If you get a steam cleaner that puts too much moisture onto your floors it can lead to a new flooring  job and thousands of dollars down the drain. The Shark Steam Cleaner Mop is a great product that offers the consumer so many features. When it comes to cleaning your floors you will never use another broom or mop again.

The Shark is a broom and mop in one. It looks much like a “Swifer Sweeper”, and it only weighs seven pounds. When you plug in your Shark Steam Cleaner Mop it only takes thirty seconds before it is ready for use. As soon as you push your Shark in forward motion it will begin to steam clean your floors. The best thing about the Shark is that as it sweeping up and moping it is also sanitizing. When you use a normal broom or mop you es are just moving the dirt around. With the Shark it is easy to use and guaranteed to get the job done in half the time.

You can use the Shark Steam Cleaner Mop to clean any floor surfaces. You can use it on tile, vinyl, or even over hardwood floors. It comes with two micro fiber pads that attach to the mop and pick up all the dust and dirt that your ordinary mop and broom misses. The microfiber pads are also reusable and washable. Just throw them in the wash and they are as good as new.

The Shark Floor Steam Cleaner is great for anyone who want to cut their housework time in half. You no longer have to sweep and then mop. The Shark is a two in one that is guaranteed to pick up all the dust and grime that your mop and broom would never have been able to reach. The Shark is also easy to maneuver with it only weighing seven pounds. It also bends to clean under tables and couches. A Shark floor steam cleaner is great way to clean and sanitize your home and keep smelling fresh.