Heavy Duty Vapor Floor Steam Cleaner

If you are looking for a floor steam cleaner that will clean any type of flooring, then you might be searching for the Vapor Floor Steamer. The Vapor steamer can be used on hardwood floors, tile, vinyl, or even carpet. The Vapor is a heavy duty floor steamer that is meant to cover wide areas of flooring. If you are cleaning your entire house, or maybe cleaning commercial property then a Vapor heavy duty floor steamer may be just what you need.

Many people who have rental property know that the flooring after the tenants have left may not be in the best of shape. The Vapor Floor Steamer is perfect for anyone who is wanting to sanitize a large area in a short period of time. Carpet can hold odors that a vacuum cleaner just can;t get out. A Vapor can get even the toughest of odors, cigarette smoke or pet odors, out of carpet.

The best thing that the Vapor has to offer is that is environmentally safe. When you clean with store bought chemicals, the odor and smell can linger for days. Vapor steam cleaners use super heated vapor to get floors looking squeaky clean instead of harsh chemicals. When you use the Vapor steam cleaner it can clean even the smallest of cracks and crevasses. A Vapor steam cleaner is a high quality machine that will more that just get the job done, it will leave your home or business feeling fresh and new.

A Vapor steam cleaner is a great way to stream clean a large area. If you are looking for a floor steam cleaner that will sanitize and get deep into the surface of flooring than the Vapor floor steamer is exactly what you need. It will rid of any odor that may be buried deep into carpet, an it will also clean the smallest cracks in between tiles or vinyl flooring. The Vapor is a high quality floor steamer that will get the job done in an environmentally friendly way. It does not use harsh chemicals that can be ingested by children, and is also safe to be used around pets. The Vapor will leave your home feeling fresh and clean without any chemical smell.